My inspirational women #IWD2019

For International Women’s Day 2019, the Learning and Teaching Academy at the University of the Highlands and Islands are running our second annual #InternationalWomensDay event. Our #IWD2019 organisers Alex Walker and Ann Tilbury, two inspiring women, asked everyone who is participating today to share in advance their own inspirational women. This is who I chose and why…

Pictures used with permission ūüôā



Choosing an inspirational woman was no small task. During my time in education I have been fortunate to learn from and with many inspirational women. I also work alongside inspirational women who do inspiring things. However in choosing my inspirational woman I decided to stay close to home, and have chosen my daughters Freya, Eva and Oli. Three inspirational young women.

Not afraid to be themselves, even as they continue to figure out aspects of who they are. They are creative in shared and individuals ways, with their own interests including the issues that they care about. They work hard in high school, far more than their dad ever did, but hopefully know that doing their best is far more important than what comes back on a grade sheet. They treat other folk well, even if they argue amongst themselves a little too often. Getting them to agree on what film to watch is always a nightmare!

They know that everyone should be treated equally, although are starting to see some of the ways in which the world is not always an equal one. They deal with the common challenges and disappointments that come with being young people, although they have had their own personal challenges and fights to win at times. They have a younger brother who is starting to show similar values to his sisters. However as their dad (and one who is white, middle aged, and in a certain kind of role) they are a vital reminder, every day, of the importance of not being complicit in sustaining or replicating the structures or processes that create inequality, but instead of helping to challenge them.